Card Machines

Card machines are essential in most business environments when customers increasingly prefer to pay by card.
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We offer a full range of card machines to suit your business, including models that are ideal for shops, restaurants and small businesses.
All units offer contactless technology for quicker payments and customer convenience.
Our machines go wherever your customers are. Choose a static machine for purchases at the counter, Bluetooth wireless for payments anywhere on your premises or GPRS for a fully mobile solution.

Clear choices for your business.


If you sell to tourists or visitors from overseas, we’ll help you offer them the convenience and reassurance of paying in their home currency – plus a rebate for you from the conversion commission.
The models we offer are solid, reliable performers that very rarely fail. If you ever have a problem, just call us and we’ll provide a replacement. No questions asked.
Not sure what sort of machine you need? Don’t worry – we’ll help you make the right choice based on the way you do business, your current setup and your customers’ needs.

To discuss which of our card machines is right for you, just get in touch today.

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