Email payments

With pay-by-link technology, you can use email to bring customers straight to a purchase with just one click.
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First, you use your online payment gateway to create a link for a specific amount, product or set of products. Then you use that link however and wherever you want.

Send out special promotions via email – you describe the offer, and customers click through to pay with their shopping cart automatically set up.

Send out eInvoices that include a ‘Pay Now’ link, allowing customers to make an online payment straight away. Improves cash flow and saves time, paper and postage too.

Build a ‘Buy Now’ button for your website that takes customers direct to payment with product details all ready to go.

Basically, anywhere you can use a link, you can create a call to purchase or a request for payment – email, online, social media, QR codes, documents, PDFs and more.

Payment acceptance is protected by our gateway solutions and all solutions are PCI-compliant, so all your customers’ data is completely safe.

To learn more about the potential of email payments for your business, please get in touch.