A simple but powerful point-of-sale system that runs on a normal iPad
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Simple & Powerful

A clear and colourful display lets staff enter orders and sales of all your products quickly and easily. Restaurants can add specials or discounts, accept tips or split bills. Shops can set up products to scan barcodes, monitor stock levels and set up re-order alerts.

We offer a full range of card machines to suit your business, including models that are ideal for shops, restaurants and small businesses.

All units offer contactless technology for quicker payments and customer convenience.

Our machines go wherever your customers are. Choose a static machine for purchases at the counter, Bluetooth wireless for payments anywhere on your premises or GPRS for a fully mobile solution.

Powerful Analytics

Receive detailed reports on popular items, sales trends, top employees, busy times and customer spend. Use that insight to optimise prices, opening hours and menus/shelf space for maximum profit.

Simple & Powerful Point-of-Sale Solution

Bring all your card payments, stock management and staff timesheets together in one place, making it absolutely ideal for shops and restaurants. And it costs far less than traditional POS systems.

We provide a cloud-based platform that works wherever there’s an internet connection. So your staff can use it to take orders and process payments anywhere on your premises with Wi-Fi – or you can use it to manage your business any time, anywhere.

If you use a card machine, it will link up with your EPOS solution via Bluetooth, so payments only have to be entered once.

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