As a retailer, you have enough on your mind without hassles with your payments.

So choose a partner who will take them away.

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Selecting products. Setting prices. Attracting customers. Managing staff.
Life as an independent retailer is full of hassles.

But payment processing needn’t be one of them.

We offer everything you need to run your shops effectively and profitably, from state-of-the-art card machines through to flexible finance and leasing deals

Improve your cash flow

Locked rates or flexible rental

Lease a NXGEN payment terminal and we’ll guarantee no price increases for 48 months. Or, if you prefer, choose our flexible, month-to-month rental. Leave any time with no penalty. Ideal for new businesses or transition periods.

Liquid finance

Applying is simple. 90% of applications are approved and you get the cash within 10 days. The average loan amount is £22k. You repay as a percentage of earnings, making budgeting a breeze.

Same-day payments

Sharpen up your cash flow with quicker payments. Get the cash as early as 2pm the same day, or by 10am the next day at the absolute latest.

Run your business smarter.

talech EPOS

Cloud-based solution combining point-of-sale and back office.

Simple, easy-to-use interface that staff can learn in minutes.

Add SKUs for easy barcode scanning.

Manage your business any time, anywhere, with staff, shifts, products, stock and prices all in one place.

Get reports and insights to boost profits

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Card machines

Choose from static, wireless or mobile.

Speed up payments and please customers with contactless.

Offer dynamic currency conversion to help tourists and generate commission.

Reliable machines plus anytime swap, no questions asked.

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Security and support

Prompt, attentive manufacturer support. 365 days a year.

All our solutions feature the most advanced security protocols available.

You’re even covered for up to £60k in the event of a data breach with our PCI DSS compliance programmes.

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